One Grand Products

The worlds finest hand crafted detailing products!!!

One Grand Products has been manufacturing the highest quality car care products since 1933. This family owned and operated company is a major supplier to professional detailers and paint shops. These products are professional grade, that is why you will not find them at your local discount auto parts store.

 I have been using One Grand products on my Alfa's since 1976. I have tried other products but I have never found any that produce such excellent results and work as fast and easy as One Grand Products. Weather you require expert technical information or help deciding  on the right products for your special application, Serpent Autosport is here to help you.



                             Paint Care

WASH & WAX: An excellent wash soap that will not strip wax, but extends the life of the wax, rinses streak free, does not water-spot, and adds gloss to the existing finish. We recommend using our #D1GP-1 Gallon Pump for dispensing.

Gallon #M14: $15.00

SUDS A LOT: Highly concentrated liquid car wash soap. This soap is excellent for washing vehicles that are extremely dirty or need deep cleaning in a wash process such as commercial vehicles, trucks, vans RV's ect. We recommend using our #D1GP-1 Gallon Pump for dispensing.

Gallon #M14C: $16.00

SPECIAL TOUCH: A non-abrasive cleaner for today's clear coat finishes. Special Touch removes water-spots, over-spray, fallout, and is an excellent all around deep cleaning product for neglected auto finishes. Follow with Omega Glaze and Blitz Wax for a showroom new finish. Use by hand or machine.

16oz. #10-16-12: $12.00              Gallon #M4: $37.00

OMEGA GLAZE: Use this product first to polish vehicles that are in good or newer condition (your paint is smooth) to give the paint a deep wet look, as well as feed oils into the paint to help prolong the life of the finish. Follow with Blitz Wax. Use by hand or machine.

16oz. #08-16-12: $12.00              Gallon #M29: $40.00

BLITZ WAX: The best protection possible for any vehicle. The easiest paste wax you will ever use and when applied on top of Omega Glaze produces a shine, depth and clarity unsurpassed in the industry. Ultimately making your vehicles as bright and visible as they can be. Blitz Wax will not yellow, can be layered, and also protects the vehicle from water-spotting. Use by hand.

10oz. #06-10-12: $19.00

SHOW-OFF: A spray on, wipe off paint detailer that adds shine and slickness to a finish that is well kept and maintained. Show-Off is great for removing light water-spots, fingerprints, smudges and dust. This product also extends the life of the wax, and reduces polishing and waxing frequency.

16oz. #24-16-12: $9.75                 Gallon #M24: $25.00

GLAZE: This polish is great for polishing out compound scratches, as well as a good all around glaze for older single stage paint finishes. Follow with Blitz Wax.

16oz. #01-16-12: $12.00               Gallon #M3: $34.00          

COMBINATION POLISH & CLEANER: A mildly abrasive cleaner for removing heavy compound scratches, and light to medium oxidation. Follow with Glaze or Omega Glaze, then Blitz Wax. Use by hand or machine.

                                                    Gallon #M27:  $27.00                  

RESEAL CLEANER: A medium abrasive liquid compound for removing light to medium oxidation from single stage paint finishes (non-clear coat). Reseal Cleaner cuts down oxidation to fresh paint restoring color in preparation for polishing and waxing. Follow with Glaze or Omega Glaze, then Blitz Wax. Use by hand or machine.                                                                                                                     

16oz. #02-16-12: $12.00             Gallon #M6: $24.00

HEAVY DUTY CLEANER: Heavy abrasive liquid compound for removing medium to heavy oxidation on solid colors, single stage paints. NOT FOR USE ON CLEAR COAT FINISHES. Follow with glaze then Blitz wax. Use by machine.

16 oz. #18-16-12: $10.00          Gallon #M7: $24.00

EXTRA HEAVY DUTY CLEANER: Heavy abrasive liquid compound for extremely oxidized single stage finishes. Excellent for rubbing out paint after color sanding. Follow with Combination Polish & Cleaner or Glaze, then Omega Glaze and Blitz wax. Use by machine. 

Gallon #8:  $25.00

TAR, GUM, & WAX  REMOVER: A solvent for paint and glass, used to remove road tar, gum, tree sap, bugs, over-spray, cosmolene, and other foreign materials. Also good for removing tar and gum from carpets and cloth upholstery.

16oz. #17-16-12:  call for availability

                       Metal Polishes & Glass Cleaner

METAL 300: A liquid metal polish that cleans and protects aluminum wheels, stainless, brass and copper.                                            A great easy maintenance product for metals that are in good condition.                                                                                            16oz. #32-16-12: $17.00          

CHROME POLISH: For all chrome plated parts on the vehicle. This product cleans up rusted chrome as well as maintains and protects newer chrome and makes it as bright as possible. Use on wheels, bumpers, roll bars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

16oz. #03-16-12: $11.00              Gallon #M11: $30.00

PASTE GLASS CLEANER: A specialty product that removes heavy water spots, over-spray, bugs and other things from glass and windows. Recommended for exterior use only, this cleaner works great on all vehicle glass, that may have heavy lime deposits from sprinklers on the windows. Do not use on Plexiglas or tinted windows.

1.5 lbs. #M23P: $12.50

Plastic, Rubber,Vinyl, Leather Dressing & Protectants

PLASTIC POLISH & CONDITIONER: Cleans, polishes, and conditions plastic and convertible windows. Clears yellowing with amazing clarity and adds oils to the plastic to prevent from crystallizing and cracking. Use on instrumentation gauge lenses, tail light lenses, bug shields, Lexan, Plexiglas, and other plastic surfaces.

16 oz. #05-16-12: $12.50                              Gallon #M12: $32.00

DO-IT-ALL: An excellent all around dressing and protectant for dash board, tires, molding and other rubber components. This product will not brown, chalk, or fade the applied to surface. Provides a satiny, non-greasy finish. Apply with sponge.

16oz. #04-16-12:$12.00                                Gallon #M17: $35.00

E.R.V. Dressing: Exterior Rubber & Vinyl Dressing. A high gloss dressing for tires, bumpers, moldings, vinyl tops, plastic components, etc.. E.R.V. will not build up, or leave the surface greasy. And will not sling messy residue along the rocker panels of your vehicle. This product will not brown, chalk , or fade the applied to surface. Apply with sponge.

16 oz. 12-16-12:  $13.00                               Gallon #M30: $40.00

INTERIOR LEATHER CONDITIONER: Restores, preserves, and protects, leather and vinyl interiors. This product will help old dried out leather, by adding oils to rejuvenate the pliability and suppleness of the leather. Interior Leather Conditioner is also an excellent conditioner for vinyl or plastic dashboards, door panels, molding, etc. Apply with sponge.

16oz. #07-16-12: $13.00                               Gallon #M16: $40.00



Phone or FAX: (818) 368-7969 / FAX Order Form



TIRELESS SHINE: Long lasting silicone tire dressing provides a uniform, bright shine. Applies easily and evenly. Improves appearance and helps prolong tire life. Aerosol spray directly on to tire and allow to dry. Wipe down to reduce shine to a satin finish or let stand for the wet look.

Net weight: 1 LB. #006302  $12.50

STREAK-OUT:  Professional grade, non-streaking glass cleaner. Dissolves grease, oil, finger marks, and soil on contact. No spotting, smudges, or streaks-even at low temperatures. Foamy formula stays where you spray.

24oz. #008401  $10.50

ORANGE GEL DEGREASER:  Ready to use blend of naturally occurring organic degreasers, detergents and emulsifiers formulated for easy application, especially for vertical surfaces. Terrific for cleaning  grease, gum, and stains from auto carpets.

 32oz. #711100  $10.50

ODORSTROYER PLUS: Is an all surface, ready to use liquid deodorizer and cleaner. Use on tough organic soils. Especially good on auto carpet and upholstery. Detergents loosen and remove soils while live bacteria actually attack and destroy stains and odors, leaving a fresh fragrance. Cleans and deodorizes drains too!

32oz     #H70000  $10.50

Phone or FAX: (818) 368-7969 / FAX Order Form


Customer Comments

thanks a million for the car care products, they are great. everything worked out well.   my red car is cinnamon pearl, however, after the glaze and one wax. the car took on a deeper maroon type shine, simply beautiful.  i could tell that blitz wax  provided excellent protection.
the glaze provided the dept.   i was  too tired to use  the showoff, i will get to it. really really like the wash.   the leather care came in good hands for my hummer leather seats. glass cleaner was streakless.  everything went well. let me know when you get your check.  i will place another order in about 2-weeks.
thanks again charlie.

J B Cadillac XLR

Serpent Autosport,

The One Grand Glass Cleaner did it! Nothing like it. Thanks.


Charlie, the last order revealed the quality is extremely good on all your stuff !! I would like to order the following car care products..........           

Thank you,



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